Cell Phone Repair in Durham Region

Cell Phone Repair in Durham Region

At Fixtronic, we have fixed and repaired every brand of cell phone, tablet and laptop you can imagine!

All cell phone screen repairs done in Durham Region by Fixtronic in 1 hourProbably number one in terms of repairs done has been the Apple iPhone, with the Apple iPhone 5 repair being one of the most frequently coming in, closely followed by an iPhone 4 repair request.

Very close behind this is a request for a Samsung cell phone repair, and as you probably know, Samsung have very many models, so we have worked on a very wide range of cell phone repairs for Samsung. Just this past Friday we have replaced the screen on a Samsung Galaxy s3, fixed the camera on a Galaxy Samsung S4 and replaced the screen on two Galaxy Note cell phones all due to being dropped on a sidewalk.

After repairs to iPhone and Samsung cell phones, it is a continuous mix of Sony, HTC, BlackBerry, and every other make and model of cell phone you have ever seen!

No matter which brand of phone comes in for repair, the three most common repairs are usually the same.

Cell phone screen repair is the number one request. Until manufactures are able to develop a screen that is flexible enough survive being dropped, there will be a steady stream of customers that have cracked iPhone screens and broken Samsung screens needing to be fixed or replaced.

For that reason, we keep a large inventory of brand new screens and digitizers for all models of smartphones so that we can provide one-hour screen replacements for all make and models of cellphones.

Fixtronic in Ajax can repair all water damaged cell phonesNot much further down the list from screen repair for cell phones comes water damage. Dropping a cell phone into water is a sure way to eventually end up at my door. Water damage to your cellphone seems to be on the upswing in Durham Region as within the past 10 days we repaired 11 water-damaged cell phones from Whitby, and 15 water-damaged cellphones coming in from Oshawa. For some reason no one dropped his or her phone in water in Ajax this week (lots of broken screens though)!

After cell phone repairs for water damage and screen replacements, come the 3rd of the big 3 repair requests: No power. Whether your iPhone or cell phone just will not start or will not charge, the result is the same: your cell phone is just plain dead.

Sometimes it is just a bad battery, but usually the problem is the charging port needs to be repaired. Just plugging and unplugging the charging port every day can after time wear it out and it eventually needs to be replaced.

Certain cell phone models seem more inclined to have a charging port failure, however because of the sheer popularity and numbers of phones out there, iPhone charging port repairs and Samsung charging port replacements are still the two most frequent brands coming into my shop.

Even so, this year alone, I have replaced the charging port on over 55 different models of cell phones therefor I keep a huge inventory of parts in stock just for that purpose. So if your cell phone won’t charge, I can fix it in one hour, right here in Ajax in Durham Region!

If you are in Whitby with a cracked iPhone screen, or in Oshawa with a Samsung cell phone with water damage, of have a phone that will not charge right next door to my cell phone repair shop in Ajax, I am here 7 days a week ready to fix your cell phone in one hour!

My next blog article will be about repairing iPads and tablets, the second most popular device to need a repair, but the repair request list is a little different. I’ll give you a hint; not as many people drop their tablet or iPad in water!


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