iPad Repair In Ajax And All Durham Region

iPad Repair In Ajax And All Durham Region

iPad Repair in Durham Region

Ipad Repair in Durham Region , Oshawa, Ajax, WhitbyiPads and other tablets are another of our most common device coming into our Ajax repair center that also serves in Whitby and all of Durham Region. The type of repairs iPads are brought in for are slightly differ from iPhone and cell phone repairs because people use their iPads and other tablets in different ways and there or the type of accidents and damage that occurs is also different.

An example is water damage. Many people accidently drop their iPhone or cell phone in the water in a bathroom, very few people drop their iPad in the toilet. However, iPad water damage is more commonly from spilling a beverage on it such as coffee or soda. Accidentally sitting on an iPad is a sure way to break the screen. Sitting on your iPhone on the couch probably won’t break the screen. Settling on your iPad on the couch, ora on your bed very well may break the screen and is one of the reasons we repair so many iPads in Durham Region

Screen damage is number one on the repair list for iPad. We repair many iPads in Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa every week. Cracked screens is our most common damage and the number one way people crack their screen I sitting on the iPad while watching TV, or sitting on it when reading or surfing in bed.

Here is a list of where the iPad is used most frequently which will tell you what type of damage is most common for an iPad.

Bringing your iPad to Apple for repair is a very expensive proposition, you will save a lot of money and much time fixing your iPad right here in Durham Region and enjoy superior quality workmanship.

Where do people use an iPad and how is it broken?Ipad Repair in Durham Region , Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby

  • 69% of iPad owners are using it in the bedroom to read. Then they sit on in in bed or roll over on it cracking the screen.
  • 42% in the kitchen while eating or cooking. Then they spill coffee on it or drop it off the counter.
  • 20% of people take it into in the bathroom where they then knock it off the vanity and step on it.
  • 18% of respondents use it at School and / or Work, where is gets dropped onto hard floors while moving between class rooms or offices.

Another very common repair for iPad is loss of power.

The iPad or tablet just won’t start or can no longer accept a charge which means soon it will not be able to start. Power problems on iPads are usually related to one of these 5 failures:

  • A bad battery which can no longer accept a change
  • A broken power connector jack which needs to be repaired
  • A faulty charger which needs to be repaired
  • A faulty charging cable
  • A faulty power unit on the motherboard.

All these iPad power repairs can be easily and quickly fixed within one hour at our Ajax facility serving all of Durham Region, check our testimonials page from real live customers to see just how good our work is!

If you need an iPad repair in Durham Regions, come to us, we can fix your iPad within 1 hour regardless if it is water damaged, has a broken screen, power jack that does not work, or requires a new logic board. We are open 9 am to 9 pm 7-days a week ready to repair your iPad right here in Ajax!



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