iPhone 6s Repair and iPhone 6s Plus Repair

iPhone 6s Repair and iPhone 6s Plus Repair

A lot of people report that the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6s Plus are easy to damage when dropped. There’s always a risk that dropping your iPhone will result in a broken screen. That’s why we recommend a protective case. If you’ve got a broken iPhone we can help.

At 5.5 inches the iPhone 6 Plus is the first phablet size screen on an iPhone and the first to be full 1080p resolution. With the launch of the 6s Plus the same screen dimensions remain with the addition of 3D touch.

IPhone 6s repair and iPhone 6s Plus repair (Screen)

The number one repair request for the Apple iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus is a cracked screen repair.  They both share Apple’s first 5.5 inch screen and because of this large screen they both share the same number one repair request. They both have a propensity for the screen to crack when the iPhone plus or iPhone 6s Plus is dropped, even from a relatively short distance.

Fortunately we  can repair an iPhone 6s Plus 3D touch Screen in less than an hour at very affordable cost.

Another common screen issue related to dropping an iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus is the screen displays green, yellow and purple lines and is distorted. This means the screen digitizer has been damaged. The repair required is similar to replacing a cracked screen and can be done in less than an hour.

If your home button has not been damaged, we will move it to the new screen when replacing a screen or digitizer because each iPhone has a home button Touch ID that will only work with that device. Doing this maintains your use of Touch ID on your phone.

The next most common request for an IPhone 6s Plus repair is the usb / charging port. This port stops working because it has been abused, usually by yanking the USB cable out forcefully by accident repeatedly. This causes the USB port to malfunction which in turn means you can no longer connect the iPhone to other devices and no longer charge the phone.  It is imperative to fix this if you want to keep using your phone.

Fortunately replacing the USB port on the IPhone 6 plus and the iPhone 6s Plus is one of the least expensive and quickest repairs we offer.

Another common repair on this phone is the home button not working.

Water Damage repair for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus

People still drop their iPhones in water, including lakes and swimming pools. The iPhone 6 Plus is not as water resistant as the 6s Plus but neither of them do very well in a lake or swimming pool. The 6s Plus can often survive a quick dunk but not a day in the pool.

 Repairing sever water damage is not always possible but often the client with a severely water damaged iPhone is more interested in getting the data off the phone, which we can do. Call us to discuss water damage on your iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus .

Problem: Home button not working on iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

If pressing the home button on your iPhone doesn’t always get a response, then the device may have a problem, even if the issue is intermittent. Replacing the Touch ID button is possible, and we do it a lot, however the caveat is if the original touch ID home button cannot be saved, a replacement buttons will work but Touch ID will no longer be an option. This is because each iPhone has a home button Touch ID that will only work with that device.

For more information visit our iPhone repair page. To get a quote or book an appointment use our Repair Request Form.


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