IPhone Repair

IPhone Repair

Our iPhone Repair facility is located in Durham Region

Durham Region in Southern Ontario has a population of approximately 2.5 million people, and like all modern regions in North America, there are many iPhone users. And where there are many iPhones, there are also many broken screens, water mishaps, charging problems and a wide assortment of other problems that require the attention of a sophisticated and well trained technician to professionally repair the iPhone. And here in Durham Region, Fixtronic has seen every type of repair imaginable.

Common iPhone Repairs

All the iPhone models will suffer water damage if submersed in liquid long enough and they all will crack a screen if dropped enough times and all of them will eventually need the battery replaced. However, each specific model also has its own particular issues that frequently need repair more so than other models. For example, we all know that the iPhone 4 with the glass back has a reputation for cracking the back glass easily, and it’s true we get a lot of them in for repairs.

We handle every iPhone repair  on every model ever made including these typical issues with specific models:

  • iPhone 4 and 4s repair

    • Rear glass back plate cracked
    • Known power button problems,
    • Premature Battery fail
    • Proximity sensor cable fail
  • iPhone 5 repair

    • Sleep/Wake button failure
    • Home / Power Button failure
    • Battery charge failure due to overheating
  • iPhone 5s repair

    • Lock Button failure
    • Charging port failure
    • Sudden Battery Failure
  • iPhone 5c repair

    • Battery failure
    • Charge Port Flex Cable failure
    • Front Camera and Proximity Sensor failure
  • iPhone 6 repair and iPhone 6+ repair

    • Bent Frame 6+(Screen must be removed before straightening or it will crack)
    • FaceTime Camera dislocation

iPhone Repair - iphone6-Repair-in-Durham-Region-by-Fixtronic

iPhone Repair - iphone4-Repair-in-Durham-Region-by-FixtroniciPhone Repair - iPhone-5c-Repair-in-Durham-Region-by-FixtroniciPhone Repair - apple-iphone-5-Repair-in-Durham-Region-by-Fixtronic







IPhone’s are very well made with quality parts but do suffer cracked screens when dropped, water damage when submerged and sometimes do have charging port problems and all iPhones eventually need a new battery installed.

Because they are well made, an iPhone repair requires skilled technicians to repair them so that the iPhone repair returns the iPhone to like new condition. At Fixtronic every iPhone repair we do leaves our facility in like new condition with zero indication that the phone was ever repaired or ever damaged.

To arrange for an iPhone repair or get a quote make a Repair Request.



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