Keyboard & Trackpad Repair

One hour service is available

Keyboard and trackpad failures are common

Keyborad repair in durham regions by FixtronicKeyboard and trackpad failures are common on all types of devices from BB phones to every brand of Windows or Mac laptops and all desktop computers. There are many types of keyboards, older styles use heavy duty mechanical keys, whereas most laptops today use chiclet style keyboards with switches. We have extensive experience repairing every type of keyboard including wired and wireless keyboards. For more information keyboard types and their advantages and disadvantages check out this keyboard article.

Causes for keyboard failure can be due to USB problems, bad contacts, liquid spills, defective cables, damaged connectors, worn switches under certain letters, accumulated dirt, and other internal defective parts.

We can repair or replace any keyboard whether it is a simple sticking key to completely fried electronics due to a liquid spill.

One thing is for certain, without a keyboard your device is severely hampered and it needs to be fixed if you want to be productive again.
We understand this at Fixtronic, which is why we offer a rush one-hour repair service for keyboard and trackpad repairs or replacements on any phone, laptop, all-in-one or desktop PC or Mac computer

All of our work is carried out in Ajax, located in Durham County and is 100% guaranteed with a full 90-day warranty on every repair.

To arrange to have the keyboard or trackpad on your device simply fill out this form to order your keyboard repair.

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