Power & Charging Repair

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So Your Device is Dead or Won’t Charge?

laptop-smartphone-tablet-power-repair-by-fixtronic-in-durham-regionWe’ve all been there. The device started just fine yesterday.

Now when you hit the power button, nothing happens.

If it’s your laptop or computer the power supply may need to be replaced, if it is your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry it may just not be charging anymore. Either way you know in only a few hours it will just be a dead weight that won’t work.

Few things are as disconcerting as a smartphone, tablet or laptop that won’t charge or won’t start. They stop being a tool and they have become a problem. Power problems are serious and need to be fixed quickly in order to maintain the use of the device. Fortunately they are often inexpensive and easy to fix quickly requiring a port replacement, connector replacement, or new battery.

We can fix all your power and charging problems on any device including all iPhone power repairs, Android power repairs, MacBook power repairs, PC laptop power repairs and BlackBerry power repairs.

Often for a phone or tablet, it is just the charging port we have to replace. An Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or PC Laptop power connector replacement is also easy for us to do quickly.

Because of the urgency of a power problem for your device it is one of our most requested one-hour repairs. Fill out our Power Repair Request to get started immediately.

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