Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Repair

Need a Galaxy S7 screen repair? Broken screens are a more common occurrence, because the newer the phone the larger the screen and thinner the bezels. If you drop a large screen smartphone such as  the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with thin bezels the result is a cracked screen much of the time. Because of this modern thin design Galaxy S7 screen damage is quite a common repair request. In fact Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen repair was our number one repair request during the winter of 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are prime examples of a modern large screen smartphone that will have difficulty surviving many drops. And with a phone this expensive and powerful you will most certainly be searching for a screen repair.

If you require a Galaxy S7 screen repair, you should know we fix most of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edges with cracked screens in all of Durham Region. We are the #1 Samsung screen repair operation in Ajax serving all of Durham Region.

How to prevent Samsung Galaxy S7 screen damage.

Right from the start you can buy a high-quality glass screen protector, we install many of the higher end tempered glass protectors for demanding clients.

If you have already suffered screen damage on your S7 or S7 Edge and the screen is just scratched, we can install a tempered glass screen protector. This is to ensure it does not develop into a crack. The problem is that many people want a beautiful screen on their $1,000 Galaxy S7 series phone, and that explains why it is far and away the number one repair we carry out on this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Repair

Most of our clients want the screen replaced with a new one.  If you do a little research you’ll find that the Samsung Galaxy S7 series phones are very tightly packed and unskilled workers can permanently damage the motherboard trying to remove the broken screen. The battery is also glued in place and can crack the motherboard if removed improperly.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Repair

The Samsung S7 Edge screen is even more prone to breakage due to the curved glass on both sides and is also difficult to repair Just like the S7 the S7 Edge screen is held in with adhesive and can damage other components if removed improperly.

If you decide to replace your S7 or S7 Edge completely we recommend you bring your damaged S7 or S7 Edge in for a professional screen replacement. This allows you to maintain  its value when you sell it while knowing it has been replaced by top professionals who provide a warranty on the repair.

We are the highest rated Samsung screen repair service in Durham Region. Ask around, view our online testimonials, we repair more Samsung screens than anyone else. And we are the only shop in Durham Region that offers S7 and S7 Edge screen repairs with our famous 1-hour service. We know you need your phone! Youi can read more about our phone repair services here: Android repairs

If you have damaged your Galaxy S7 series phone, we are your solution right here in Ajax, Ontario. We provide Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen repair and Galaxy S7 screen repair in Durham Region in only 1 hour call us or visit:


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