Screen Repair & Replacement

One-hour service is available

Screen Repair is Our Most Requested Fix

iphone screen replacement in durham region by fixtronicEveryone knows someone who has broken the screen on their smartphone, and we have all seen a beautiful laptop with a smashed screen. Whether its a phone that slipped out of a pocket to land on the sidewalk, a tablet that slipped from your grip in the office, or a laptop that slid off a desk or table, the result is the same: an expensive device that is no longer an effective tool even if your can still see part or most of the screen.

Aside for the safety issue of potentially cutting yourself on a touch screen, your device will eventually have to be fixed to bring the device back up to speed.

Fortunately for everyone with a broken screen in Durham Region, we have expert screen replacement skills and tools and can replace any screen  for any smartphone or iPhone, any tablet or iPad and any Apple Mac or PC laptop.

We use original spec parts on all our replacements and once we have replaced your phone screen, tablet screen, or laptop screen you will never be able to tell that there was ever a problem with your device.

We guarantee all our work with a 90-day warranty and stand behind ever repair that we carry out.

All screen replacement work is carried out right here in Ajax, Ontario in Durham Region. Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop can be dropped off at our facility from 9 am to 9 pm daily or you can mail or courier the device to us for repair.

At Fixtronic we understand the importance of having your phone, tablet or laptop screen replaced quickly and we do offer our exclusive one-hour replacement service for this fix.

To get your screen replaced today, simply fill out our screen replacement order.


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