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I’ve Got a Computer Virus!

Fixtronic-in-Durham-Region-can-remove-a-vrius-from-your-mac,-iphone,-android-phone,-or-pcNo one wants to hear those words. At best it can slow your computer down to a crawl, at worse it can hijack your computer, destroy your files and steal all your personal information and Identity.

The consequences for not dealing with a virus quickly can be very serious indeed.

Law enforcement agencies in Canada and the US recommend that you seek professional help as soon as you suspect that you may have been infected with a virus on your computer or phone, or any device that can access your email and personal information.

Viruses have become much more sophisticated in the past 24 months and can now attack not just Windows and Android systems but also Mac OS and iOS devices as well. The newest viruses can even hold your computer hostage and request a ransom to unlock it.

The recent FBI ransom virus is one of these as reported by the New York Times.

Much more serious are the newest viruses that once they gain full control of your device eventually demand payment or they will delete  your files after encrypting your entire hard drive, here is a description of this virus  called Cryptoware.

Oregon State University is now reporting on a new virus aimed specifically at Mac computers that is growing fast.

If you suspect you have a virus on your android phone, iPhone, tablet or Mac or PC computer, contact us immediately as we have the expertise to clean and remove all viruses professionally and completely. We guarantee all our virus removal work for 90 days.

This important service is available withing hours to all our customers in Durham Region. To remove a virus from your device fill our our Virus removal request service.

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