Water Damage Repair

One hour service is available for this repair

Water Damage! A Most Common Repair Request.

waterdamageWater Damage is so common that every smartphone, tablet and laptop built today has a water damage indicator built into the device that shows if water damage has occurred in order to void your warranty.

Smartphones usually meet their demise by falling into water, often in a washroom, while laptops and tablets usually have liquid such as a coffee or soda spilled on top of them.

A phone submerged in water allows water to enter the phone via connectors such as the headphone jack or power port. Coffee spilled on a laptop gets in via the keyboard and various ports.

Water damage can be very serious, however we can also fix water damage with our expert water damage repair process. If your device has been subjected to water damage, turn the power off. If the battery is removable, then remove it, then call or email us immediately for an emmergency repair.

Water damage can be repaired, however it is important to act quickly and contact us immediately. We have successfully repaired water damage on every Mac laptop ever made, dozens of PC’s and literally all iPhone’s and most Android phones and BlackBerry phones. It is such a frequent repair request that we have a special process set up that we can instantly start to work on your device as soon as we receive it.

If you are located in Durham Region, as well are, then call us and come directly for the repair in order to ensure a successful repair to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

To request a water damage repair call us at 647.400.8665 or fill out the Water Repair Request form.

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